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Nutritious and Fresh, Every Day.

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Fresh Picks Cafe is proud to partner with your school district to provide nutritious and fresh school meals to your community every day. 

All grade levels enjoy an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetable offerings and fresh meals made from scratch, onsite at your schools. Our menus feature a balance of made from scratch meals, innovative new recipes, new ethnic cuisines and traditional student quick service favorites. Our goal with our menus is to entice as many students as possible to participate in your food service program so we have the opportunity to encourage them to try new and healthy foods as well as educate them on healthier eating habits.

Students today have grown up surrounded by extensive, prevalent marketing…often times for foods that aren’t the best choices for their health. We use those same types of marketing techniques to show them a better way. Our mobile website app allows students and parents alike to see what’s for lunch, learn about healthier eating and rate foods all from their smartphones or tablets. Our monthly Farm Fresh Focus and menu promotions create marketing campaigns for fresh fruits, vegetables, new healthy recipe concepts and ethnic cuisines. 

As great as our program is, we are constantly working towards building an even better program that fits with what our students and parents are looking for. We actively seek out new ideas through soliciting feedback, participating in wellness committees, having conversations with student and parent groups, conducting surveys and other activities. We can’t achieve a food service program perfect for a community without listening to all the voices from within that community. 

These activities support our core values – to Treat Everyone Fairly, Create Great Experiences, Be Responsible & Responsive, Serve Nutritious and Fresh Food.

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